Vom Wilber's Rottweiler Puppies

Why buy from us?

We know that you have many great options to choose from and we thank you for the opportunity to hopefully earn your business. Besides the fact that we are real nice honest people here are some other great reasons in five minutes or less.

For starters we won't claim to have the best of the best and blow so much smoke that you won't know what you're really buying. What we do promise if you buy from us is that you will receive an AKC registered puppy from the some of the best bloodlines that we believe is in line with our believes of what a true Rottweiler has been and should be. A puppy from parents who meet or exceed the standards based set forth by the American Kennel Club and other international clubs. 

While many of our dogs have Champions in their pedigrees we don't loose focus on the main reason that makes Rottweilers a wonderful breed which in our opinion is a beautiful looking dog that is fearless, strong, hard working, loyal but also loves its family. We don't deviate from what the original Rottweiler was and should continue to be. So you won't receive a "Giant Rottweiler" or a Doberman looking dog.

We don't inbreed in order to get something that looks great and will win at every show that will end up being a ticking time bomb for any buyer who buys puppies from that litter. We don't simply breed just to sell puppies, we breed in order to improve the breed and our goal with every carefully planned breeding is to keep a puppy for ourselves that is better than the parents to continue to improve our stock.

We can't keep every puppy so we offer anything beyond what we need for ourselves to others who would love to own this wonderful breed or to other breeders looking to add our strengths into their bloodline. If a breeder truly loves the breed he will keep puppies from the same litters that he or she is selling, otherwise how would you improve your breeding stock and just in it to sell puppies!

While there's nothing necessarily wrong with it, we normally do not "Linebreed" we "Outcross" breed meaning that we carefully select a Male and a Female that are not related even if we do not own the stud dog who we believe would best compliment each other. This has worked best for us in the past and its a Win-Win situation for us, you the buyer and the breed. This method insures that you don't receive a puppy with the potential problems associated with such close breeding. You will receive a healthy puppy from parents who are healthy, happy, purebred, humanely housed, registered with AKC and socialized around kids.

Since our reasons for getting involved with this wonderful breed was never for money, we aren't trying to get rich from every puppy we sell. We have successful jobs and live within our means so we don't rely on income from our litters to support us but instead use those funds for our kennel and our wonderful dogs. We price our puppies low enough so that they can be within reach of other responsible dog lovers but high enough where we won't undersell or hurt other ethical breeders, to discourage remorseful, irresponsible buyers who buy based on impulse and to help cover some of the high expenses associated with working towards improving the breed.

Our five minutes are up so we hope that who we are is in line with the kind of breeder you would love to do business with. We thank you for your time and we wish you the best of luck in your search for a happy healthy fuzz ball. 


Vom Wilber's Rottweilers