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Deposit is $500 plus $20 to cover the cost to process the payment

Welcome to our deposit page to be added to our current wait list. We are honored and excited that you have chosen our kennel for your next quality Rottweiler puppy. We are glad you are here. Thank you!

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Vom Wilber's Rottweiler Puppies in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive"

-Gilda Radner

Due to the current high demand for our puppies we are temporarily doing things differently.

Normally we would post our available litters and allow the public to place a deposit for a specific litter. However since litters are being sold out before they are born we have gone to a wait list. The way this works is you place a $500 Non-Refundable deposit that will be credited towards the balance of $2500 for pet quality (no breeding rights) and you will immediately be placed on the list. Once a litter is born and we know exactly how many pups are born we will contact those who are next on the list so you can decide to accept one or to wait for the next litter. We will continue to go down the list in the order deposits were received. We will continue to honor your selection of your preferred sex but note that if you are flexible you would get a puppy sooner than later.

As of today 02/14/21 there are 12 deposits and we have 17 pups on the ground that will be ready end of February or beginning of March. Any deposits beyond the 17 will be placed on the list for future litters being born around spring time. Don't let that discourage you as we expect this number to double very soon and since litters are usually large and we have several litters expected to be born in the next 3-6 months. If you are one of the first 20 on the list we estimate that you will receive your puppy between now and early summer especially if you are flexible on the sex. Please note that sometimes unexpected things happen and this estimated date is only an estimate. It is always possible that it could be extended into late summer or fall or later depending where you are on the list.

Please note that the hot summer months make the males fertility low due to the high heat and makes breedings unsuccessful or small litters. We are having many folks calling or emailing upset that they still have not received their pup so we wanted to clarify how this wait list works. We do not have hundreds of females cranking out puppies by the dozens every week, that is a puppy mill. We have a handful of carefully selected females that truly represent the Rottweiler breed and we do not over breed and if you're at the bottom of the list we need you to understand that first pups go to those on top of list and we did not purposely skip you.

These dogs are not breeding machines, they are part of our family. Being placed on our wait list does NOT guarantee that you'll have a puppy by a certain time or date. It simply guarantees that you will receive a puppy sooner than later since people are added to the list every single day. We understand that deciding to take home a puppy is an exciting decision and makes the wait at times unbearable especially if children are asking every day when their puppy is coming home or maybe your department has a training schedule that it needs to meet etc but when dealing with a living creature and you're on a wait list we ask that you be extra patient.

If your department or your family is in need of a pup very soon we ask that you do not place yourself on our list. A puppy is not a product you can simply make on an assembly line, it is something that is living and has to follow the rules of nature and life. We are receiving many rude and mean calls from folks who have only been on the list 1-3 months when yet we have some very patient clients who have been on the wait list since November and 7 months later finally got their puppy. All this is making us consider going back to only providing pups to agencies, police departments, military and those who have contracts with us since they understand how it works. We truly believe that everyone should experience the love and loyalty a rottweiler provides so we do not want to stop providing pups to the public. We just ask that if you are in a hurry or not willing to wait past a certain date etc that you might be better off seeking out another breeder who cranks out pups with higher success. By placing a NON-Refundable deposit and placing yourself on our list you are guaranteed to receive one of our quality pups but not being guaranteed a time frame at all. It could be weeks, months or even a year in some cases so we ask that you please understand that we are more concerned with quality breedings while showing love and respect for our dogs over quantity. We thank you for reading this and we truly do appreciate your business and for those who have been patient and who continue to come back to us time after time again we love you. For those who have been impatient we truly understand the frustration of having to wait for something so beautiful but it's just not very nice to attack us, threaten us and call us names but rest assured that you will receive your pup sooner or later and the wait will be worth it. 

​Thanks, Wilber's Rottweilers

For those who prefer to pay the whole balance now