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"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little Rottweiler puppies."

Disclosure before doing business with us.
We want to make it very clear to anyone wanting to own a Rottweiler that they are not the breed for everyone and require proper socialization, training, discipline and plenty of physical activities to keep them happy. If you are not ready to this much dedication we recommend that you seek a different breed. While Rottweilers are the most sweetest and loyal they are not for the lazy or for those who do not have time, finances for their care or have limited dog or no dog experience.

We also want to make it very clear that just like any living human or creature they experience health issues during their life and many times even at a very young age. While we have done everything possible to provide healthy long living companions just like all breeds Rottweilers are prone to many problems that include but not limited to Hip Dysplasia, growing pains, heart problems, joint problems, torn ACL's, cataracts, blindness, cancers, allergies, seizures, arthritis etc.

The national average for hip problems alone are 31%. While we have a great tract record much much lower than that there is ABSOLUTELY no way to eliminate 100% those above mentioned conditions regardless of testing, diet, breeding management, bloodline knowledge etc.

Please note that even at a low percentage of 8-9 that we usually fall in that is still 8-9 puppies out of every hundred that will encounter hip problems not to mention the other conditions that they encounter. So again, to be perfectly clear 8-31 Rottweilers out of 100 tend to encounter problems at a young age and almost 100% will encounter health problems into their older years. Not me, nor you, nor your pup is immune to these statistics and health conditions and if you decide like most of us have that this beautiful breed's possible health risks are worth the amount of loyalty, love, affection and good times they provide and that the great benefits of owning a Rottweiler outweigh the risks then we are here to make that happen. We mention all this because we want EVERYONE to make an educated decision. We have NEVER claimed that you would receive a pup that would never develop health conditions. As heartbreaking as it is to hear of one of our pups coming down with something, it's as equally heartbreaking when people accuse us of purposely wrong doing and assume that there was no possible way that they would be part of the statistics and therefore it must be something we purposely did directly towards them, their family and their companion.

Trust us, we love the breed so much and especially our own dogs and puppies that if there was a way to get the numbers down to zero we would do everything possible but even after 28 years we have only been able to reduce the numbers dramatically but not eliminate them as that is not possible just like you can't eliminate health problems in humans. Opening your home and heart to a living creature is like Russian roulette, there will ALWAYS be a risk. If you are not willing to take a risk then we ask that you do not place a deposit or purchase a living creature from us or any breeder regardless of the breed as they all have risks.

With that being said, if you feel like we do, that the benefits of owning such a beautiful loving breed outweighs the 8%-31% risk then we will work hard for you to obtain the most perfect pup for your family and will closely work with you throughout their lifetime to help you succeed. It has never stopped us from loving such a beautiful breed and it sure hasn't stopped this wonderful breed from giving much more love than they receive as well as the thousands of homes our pups have gone to not to mention the millions out there from the world's top breeders.  IF after doing your homework and checking out all the potential breeders from which to obtain a puppy from you feel that we are the breeder for you then we assure you we have done our homework too and welcome you as a lifelong friend of Vom Wilber's Rottweilers and encourage you to proceed with placing a deposit or purchasing a puppy.

Thank you for reading this and making an informed decision. Sincerely, Wilber.

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Please read paragraph to the right before continuing!

Effective immediately:
Due to the current high number of Parvo infections in this country and especially New Mexico as well as this current Corona pandemic and the number of theft incidents we've had recently, In order to protect our dogs, our puppies, our family as well as our customers we will no longer allow anyone to visit our kennel until it is time for you to pick up your puppy. Once you do we we will not be allowing anyone to contact , pet, handle or come near our dogs. We will offer a separate area where you can view the parents only but not anyone else's puppies. You will see when you pick up your puppy that we have nothing to hide as this is not the reason for these strict changes. In order for us to continue to provide healthy puppies like we have been doing for the last 28 years we must evolve into stricter policies so may be able to continue doing what we love. 

We have also decided to go back to our original methods of using our expertise, judgement and the fact that we have known each puppy since birth to select the right puppy for you based on what you are looking for physically, personality as well as confirmation and temperament. We are the breeders and caretakers so we will decide which home is best suited for each puppy. Choosing a puppy based on cuteness factors or making a decision from what you see on your first visit will no longer be considered a humane, ethical or a responsible method of placing puppies into new homes.THE PERFECT PUPPY FOR YOU WILL BE PICKED BY US!

If you are the type of person that needs a puppy to pick you, or require handling puppies or feel that you have what it takes to choose the perfect Rottweiler puppy above our 28 years experience then we are not the breeder for you and a pet shop, shelter or a breeder with less ethics and concern for the health and happiness of their dogs and puppies might be best suited for you. THE PERFECT PUPPY FOR YOU WILL BE PICKED BY US!

We understand that this might upset some and it might even cost us some buyers but we are not looking for volume or a quick dollar but instead looking for quality homes that value and respect our level of commitment to the health and happiness of our puppies as well as the happiness in its new home by matching the correct healthy puppy to the perfect buyer.  We receive an average of 150-300 requests per month to come visit our kennel and we hate being placed in an awkward position to say no but that is way too many people visiting our kennel and has proven disastrous so please do not ask.
We apologize sounding negative and will truly miss having most folks visit so we can talk about our passion but it's either this or no longer providing pups to the public and only continue to provide pups for the private agencies that we have contracts with and do not want to do that.

By placing a deposit or purchasing a puppy from us you agree that THE PERFECT PUPPY FOR YOU WILL BE PICKED BY US and you also agree to the rest of our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Thank you for your understanding,
Wilber's Rottweilers

Please read paragraph to the right before continuing!

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