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German Rottweiler Puppies For Sale in Albuquerque New Mexico

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Q. If I change my mind, don't come up with the balance before puppies are weaned or something changes in my life that prevents me from taking my puppy home can I get my deposit back?

A: Unfortunately we do not just hold deposits. Since we are upfront and clear about deposits being NON-refundable we use them immediately towards our dogs to help cover feed, medical care, training, travel expenses.

Please understand that as soon as we receive your deposit we put it to work in our kennel to improve our bloodline, facilities and to care for the very dog that you are reserving a puppy from. Raising a litter to weaning age is tremendous work and very expensive especially when unexpected things go wrong ranging in the thousands.

The deposits we receive helps us take that litter to weaning age and pays for the exams, tail docking, declaw removal, vet checkups, medications, puppy pads, heat lamps, special diet, ultrasounds, Stud fees and the expensive cesareans that sometimes are needed when things go wrong ranging in the thousands. Imagine being asked for a deposit refund when you have spent thousands and worked countless hours caring for Dam and her puppies or shipping or driving your female to a stud hundreds or thousands of miles away to provide the healthiest Rottweiler puppies possible? Eventually it would be impossible to provide High Quality healthy, happy Rottweiler puppies and the breed would be at the mercy of unethical breeders who cut every corner possible, feed the cheapest food, avoid vets like the plague, and breed to improper unhealthy dogs just to make a dollar at the inhumane expense of their dogs and the wonderful breed!

Q. I placed a deposit, when is the balance due?

A. We thank you for placing your trust in our kennel and we welcome you to the Vom Wilber's family.
To avoid any surprises the rest of the balance is due one week before the pups are to be picked up. This is to ensure that everyone is still committed and nothing has changed that would prevent their commitment of taking their pup home on time and to ensure that they have the funds to avoid one pup being left behind that we have to find a new home last minute. In some instances we allow up to the day they are scheduled to be picked up but no longer. We understand that sometimes flights get delayed or pickup date falls on the same date as a vacation and therefore we offer up to 2 weeks of care at cost of $15 per day with the condition that we receive full balance on or before 6 weeks of age. Any pups not picked up or arrangements made by the weaning age will be offered to next person in line.

Q. At what age do the puppies go home at? I heard that it's best to let them stay until 8 weeks or longer.

A: That is an outdated and an uneducated opinion by those who do not have the experience of raising puppies throughout the years and do not understand that once a pup is eating solid food completely the easier the transition will be for the pup and the new home if they go home sooner than later. The longer they stay with their siblings and mother the more bad habits they will develop and learn off each other like biting, snapping by competing for food and toys. The sooner they begin their socialization with their new family the better!

At Vom Wilber's we have changed the pickup age from 8 weeks to 6 weeks and people's feed back has been amazing. The biting, snapping, trust issues and bathroom habits that don't work for the new home are almost eliminated or at least minimized. The longer they bond with their siblings, their mother and my family the harder they will have adjusting to their new home since they begin establishing tight bonds with their care taker at 6-8 weeks and we would rather them have that bond with you. We understand that many professionals might disagree with us but we also have many professional who agree because they have witnessed what we have mentioned above. On paper 8 weeks or longer sound terrific but in the real world it does not work out that way. Hundred's of families and agencies have placed their trust in our kennel for 28 years and its because we do more than just sell pups, we study what is best for them over time. If families, government agencies and private agencies have placed their trust in our kennel and our judgement for almost 3 decades rest assured that what is best for your new pup is what we have implemented as our policy.

Q. What is the cost of a Rottweiler puppy from your kennel?

A. Our puppies range in price depending on the parents of the litter, pick of the litter, pedigrees in the litter and whether you want a show, breeder, or pet/companion. In average our puppies range from $1500-$3500. We understand that this is a lot of money especially for someone who isn't a professional breeder or a show home. We believe that everyone deserves access to a properly paired, healthy, correct, easy tempered Rottweiler so we will work with you on finding the right litter and puppy for your situation or budget. The last thing we want is loving homes to resort to seeking puppies from unethical breeders that give this wonderful breed a bad name. Due to the love that we have for the breed we would be doing everyone an injustice by offering puppies at prices like puppy mills do because they don't care for their dogs, the breed and cut many corners. However, its more important that our babies go to loving homes so we will work with you to place you with the correct puppy that closest fits your environment and budget.

Q. Why do you sell puppies if there are plenty of dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted?

We can assure you that the dogs that end up at shelters are rarely if ever dogs that came from ethical responsible breeders. Those dogs are usually cross-breeds from owners who failed to spay or neuter their pet or dogs from puppy mills/back yard breeders that did a horrible job breeding good dogs that are easy to handle, evenly tempered, easy to train and that are good members of society. Puppy mills never have any intention of preserving the true rottweiler, produce good dogs with good temperament and never screen their buyers to make sure their puppies end up with responsible permanent homes because they don't care. They are only after a quick buck and piggie back on the hard work of ethical responsible breeders that have developed and preserved the beautiful breed. We don't breed to make money, we have successful jobs and a very successful farm business. We don't need to sell puppies to survive and most of the time we loose money. Most of the money we receive from puppy sales go back into our breeding program, kennels, and our dogs. We have some of the healthiest, well behaved dogs, nicest kennels, state of the art comfortable nurseries, and the best vet care available. We don't cut any corners. Our own dogs have cost us double or triple of what we ask for.

Raising rottweilers is a hobby of ours and we truly love our dogs as part of our family. Our main goal with every breeding is to improve something that we aren't quite happy with, preserve our bloodline, and to keep our kennel alive by producing our next kennel superstar. Every breeding is carefully planned and paired to produce or preserve what we believe is a true Rottweiler with the main purpose of producing show or improved breeding stock.

We would love to be able to keep every single puppy but that is not possible and that is where you come in. The homes that have trusted and depended on us for their show dog, companion, guard dog or breeding stock are the real reason why we have been able to produce the amazing dogs they are after. Without loving responsible homes like yours we would not be able to continue to fund our breeding program and our kennel. We are grateful for all the homes that have put their trust in us to provide them their well bred and well tempered dog by supporting us with their purchase from our kennel.

With your help we will continue to strive to improve the breed and hopefully keep unethical puppy mill breeders from being an option. While puppy mills can produce a $500-$800 puppy, they will never produce anything remotely close to what Vom Wilbers and other ethical breeders can produce in the way of looks, health and temperament. By purchasing a puppy from us or another ethical breeder you help keep dogs out of shelters because ethical breeders carefully screen buyers and will always help place a dog that is no longer able to be cared for by its owner.

At Vom Wilbers Rottweilers our policy is to keep every puppy that we produce out of shelters and unwanted homes by fostering or placing any dogs that came from our kennel in a new loving home if for some reason the original owner is ever unable to care for it any longer. We stay in contact with every one of our customers and not once has one of our dogs ever ended up at a shelter, EVER!    

Q. What is the difference between pet quality and show quality?

A. Rest assured that at Vom Wilbers we only offer healthy and amazing puppies from the best bloodlines available in the world. Just because you receive a pet quality puppy does not mean that you will receive a lesser puppy of inferior quality. Every puppy we produce is top notch and if its not it will be disclosed.

Other than price, usually the differences will never be noticed especially by people who aren't professional breeders or show homes. Typically show quality is sold to breeders and show homes. Some of the differences might be mouth pigment, perfection of the markings, position of the ears, tails or no tails as show homes prefer undocked tails due to new standards in German style shows.

One puppy might be the biggest with the nicest coat and biggest head but because he was born with a clear toe nail or white mark somewhere on its body now it will be sold as a pet/companion and maybe the show quality is a little smaller but all the little details that a judge at a show will look for will be correct. A little birth mark might be adorable to a pet home but to someone who will be showing little things can mean the difference between a title win or loss. People think that the biggest, toughest, meanest puppy is the first pick but this is far from the truth.

If you have no need for a show quality or breeding stock save your money and go for the pick that best fits your budget and your situation. Rest assured that regardless of what puppy you get, with our help and guidance it will be the perfect match for you. We will never allow someone to override our experience and judgement on a particular puppy. Since we are with the pups from birth we get a very good feel for the personality of each pup and we use that to place the puppy with the correct home. We will never allow a puppy who has demonstrated to be stubborn, pushy or aggressive to go to a home with children or with someone who is incapable of handling a dog with that type of challenging personality. That would make for an unhappy frustrating home.   

Q. Can I visit your kennel?

A. We love to show off and brag about our dogs. However we ask that you research our pedigrees, as they speak for themselves. We encourage you to research our dogs bloodline, to visit our facebook page so see what people are saying about our breeding program and to view many pictures from happy homes to give you an idea of the quality we produce.  If you feel that its a bloodline, quality that you're after and that we're the breeder for you then we encourage you to place a deposit. Only after that will we allow a stranger into our home and kennel for the protection of our family and dogs. Placing a deposit provides us with solid information on the person visiting and well as proof that you are serious and committed. 

The reasons for this is we have full time jobs with long hours and also having visitors over is stressful to our dogs especially to females who have a litter of puppies. Visitors are usually the main source of diseases and parasites that are brought into kennels and if we have young unvaccinated puppies they can be exposed to viruses like Parvo and it would be devastating to us and buyers who have already placed deposits and are counting down the days to take delivery of their new baby.

The huge amount of requests we get to visit our kennel has proven to be risky as some of my fellow breeders have found out by having dogs and whole litters stolen by visitors who later returned to steal them or do other harm or exposed their dogs and puppies to parvo with horrible consequences. If you have placed a deposit you will be allowed to come down when the littler is weaned. Please note that if we have puppies we will not allow any visitors until they have at least two sets of vaccines or have left to their new homes as I'm sure you would not like anyone coming to our kennel exposing your puppy to diseases .

If placing a deposit to comply with our visitation requirements and after visiting you are not completely satisfied with your visit due to health or quality of our dogs, sanitation, environment, etc. We will refund your deposit if you let us know that we are not the breeder for you the day of your visit. 

We truly believe that upon your visit you will be completely convinced that we are the breeders you've been looking for and that our standards exceed the highest strictest standards of any breeder in the country.