Vom Wilber's Rottweiler Puppies

Rottweiler Puppy Contract


This contract is between Vom Wilber’s Rottweilers  and ________________________________________________________________________, hereinafter

referred to as BUYER(s). 

Address of Buyer______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   

Phone_____________________________________________________________ Cell/Work _______________________________________________________________________


Seller agrees to sell Buyer a puppy born ___________________________________________ Litter  _______________________________________________________

Sire:____________________________________________________________ Dam:__________________________________________________________________

For the sum of _______________________________________   Deposit of ______________________________ paid on____________________________________

The buyer is requesting a MALE/FEMALE of PET/SHOW quality*  _______________________________________________________________

►Puppy Purchase Cost

Deposits are required for the Breeder to reserve a Rottweiler puppy. Once a deposit is made it is a commitment by the Purchaser to purchase the said Rottweiler and is therefore non-refundable.

We do not guarantee a time frame that you will receive puppy and at times unexpected things go wrong and puppies and/or parents die making the expected breeding impossible. If pregnancy is not successful, puppies do not survive or if the sex that you ordered isn't available your deposit will be moved to the next litter of your choice but no refunds will be provided. Please be advised that at times the wait time can be a lot longer than anticipated and as long as 24 months. We ask that you please be willing to be patient for your order to be filled. We strive for quality and will work hard to provide you with a great puppy. 

 I received a $____________________ US Dollar deposit from the Purchaser on the _______day of ____________________ 20_____. Full price balance is due once the puppies are 7 weeks old. If the balance is unable to be paid at that time, please contact the Breeder immediately to set up a payment plan.

 The full price, including deposit, for the said Rottweiler is ______________  US Dollars and comes with Pet/Companion quality guarantees only and $3500 for show/breeder quality and comes with Show/Breeder Guarantees. This puppy being purchased is being sold as ____Pet/Companion or Show/Breeding _____.  The terms and conditions that apply to the type of quality being purchased are listed under "Health Guarantee" section of this contract.

 If the Purchaser is unable to pay the puppy in full by 8 weeks of age, on the ______ day of ____________________ 20_____, the said puppy will return for sale. Any payments received, will remain as a credit with Vom Wilber’s Rottweilers. If we do not produce what you are reserving due to an unsuccessful mating or the number of puppies born, your deposit and/or additional payments are still non-refundable. The Purchaser’s deposit and/or additional payments will be transferred to the repeat breeding (same female / same male), a future breeding with female (same female / different male), or a different upcoming litter (different female / different male). If purchaser chooses a different litter, there are no guarantees that the price will be identical, due to the different qualities of different litters.

►Selecting Your Puppy

Due to the exceptional quality of our breeding program, Vom Wilber’s Rottweilers always reserves the right of first choice and your pick will follow behind our pick(s).  The order that you will be permitted to select your puppy will be determined by the date of your deposit or price of puppy.  No puppy will be permitted for picking before sufficient age for basic character and conformation evaluation (usually 7-8 weeks).  When it is time to select your puppy, the breeder always reserves the right of final decision.  *We have no way of guaranteeing the number or sex of puppies that will be available in a litter, however your deposit does not expire and does not restrict you to any particular puppy or litter.

The Breeder will use his experience and expertise to select the perfect Rottweiler puppy for your specific needs by evaluating the litter's temperament and social interaction. Whether you are looking for a show dog, working specimen, or family companion, the Breeder will match the perfect puppy to fit your environment, however Purchaser has the right to move to a later litter if no puppy meets what he or she is looking for.

►Caring for your puppy

If your puppy/dog is being sold with it’s tail intact (natural tail), Buyer agrees to leave the tail unaltered.  Docking the tail without clear medical reason will be considered abuse/neglect by Vom Wilber’s.

The Buyer agrees to provide a life-long commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming and responsible care. This includes keeping this puppy/dog parasite free and up to date with inoculations, proper nutrition, and fresh water available at all times.   

The Buyer agrees not to take the puppy to any place frequented by other dogs or puppies until all vaccinations are completed (at least 20 weeks old)  due to the risk of contracting deadly diseases including Parvovirus. The Buyer further promises to complete all vaccinations in a timely manner.

Understand that your puppy will grow at a very rapid pace during the first 24 months. Buyer agrees to provide responsible care in regards to bones/ joints by providing professional, quality dog food and restricting harsh exercises (such as forced running, jumping higher than dog’s shoulder, care on stair cases, etc.) until the age of 12 months to help prevent hip dysplasia and joint dislocations. Due to the fact that Rottweilers are prone to Hip dysplasia, joint and eye problems you understand that we do not guarantee that your puppy will not develop any of these problems.

The Buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the dog, and never allow the dog to roam freely or be chained up/tied out or used in fighting activities. If the puppy/dog is ever found to be the victim of abuse or neglect, WE WILL ASSUME IMMEDIATE POSSESSION OF THE DOG AND WILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO PURSUE LEGAL ACTION.  All monies invested in the dog thus far will be forfeited by the Buyer, and the Buyer agrees to be responsible for any and all legal expenses including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees and court costs.



Vom Wilber’s guarantees this puppy/dog to be of sound health at the time of sale free of heart murmurs, Parvo, Distemper and any hereditary problems or we will replace puppy with one from current litter or from a future litter if none are available. No refunds or reimbursements of any veterinary expenses will be given. If puppy is found to have any serious condition besides parasites or worms during the 72 hour or less check up please return to us immediately and we will have our vet provide the care it needs.  Examinations, medications, tests or procedures permitted to be done by your vet will be at new owners expense.

A health record of all shots and wormings will be provided by Vom Wilber’s. The Buyer agrees to take the dog to a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice within 72 hours for a physical examination at buyers expense  and notify Vom Wilber’s within 24 hours of any medical concerns. Failure to do so will void your health guarantee. Should your puppy be determined to be in ill health the cause of which is clearly attributable to Vom Wilber’s, the dog may, upon signed written diagnosis from said licensed veterinarian, be returned for another puppy of equal value from the next available litter.  This does NOT cover common puppy parasites. As hard as we try it is impossible to deliver a puppy that is 100% free of parasites or worms since treatment does not end until they receive 2-3 more treatments after they leave our place. Please understand that just like the initial vet check up and vaccinations until puppy is 16 weeks of age is the responsibility of the YOU the buyer, so is any and all ongoing treatment of parasites and worms. This is a treatment that should be a regular part of a lifelong treatment as puppies and dogs will always come in contact with parasites and worms throughout their lifetime. Your new puppy will have had treatments for parasites and worms started before going home but its a treatment that should be monitored and continued until at least 16 weeks of age and continued bi-yearly.


If puppy is not returned to us after licensed veterinarian's findings of health problems within 72 hours after diagnosis  then puppy shall remain the responsibility of the buyer and shall void any guarantees and no replacement shall be provided even if condition worsens.

Any illness diagnosed after the 72 hour period will be the responsibility of the buyer.  Even though all pups are de-wormed regularly starting at 2 weeks, it is imperative that you keep your puppy/dog on a regular preventative/de-wormer as puppies and dogs will inevitably come in contact with intestinal parasites through their environment. Under no circumstances will we be liable or responsible for any expenses, medical bills, vet bills, transportation expenses, shipping expenses or any other unexpected expenses.


Agreements and Guarantees for Pet/ Companion Quality Rottweiler Puppies

All companion quality Rottweilers will be provided with a limited AKC registration and puppy health record. Those purchased for under $3500 are considered Pet/Companion quality even if you are given show and breeding rights.

 Once sale is final and Purchaser receives Rottweiler, Breeder automatically transfers full responsibility of Rottweiler to Purchaser. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following items: cost of living, veterinarian fees, and other related bills due to unexpected illness. Purchaser also agrees to take full responsibility for any damages that said Rottweiler incurs throughout its lifetime with the Purchaser to property or people.

If this puppy is being sold as SHOW QUALITY (Any puppy sold at $3500 or above) and it develops a genetic fault (a fault that can ONLY be inherited from the parents) which DISQUALIFIES it from the show ring, a free pup of equal value will be provided from the next available litter AND Buyer will be able to retain possession of original puppy.  Proof of the genetic defect must be provided from either a licensed veterinarian or written proof that the puppy was dismissed from the show ring for a genetic fault.  Complete contact information for the Judge/Kennel Club or veterinarian must be given.  Proof from a licensed veterinarian that the dog was spayed/ neutered must also be provided. We just ask that it be spayed or neutered to prevent the genetic flaw from being passed on and amplified in future generations.  This clause DOES NOT cover size or weight of the dog as the dog’s environment will be the greatest determining factor on the size/weight of the dog.  Vom Wilber’s Guarantees that SHOW QUALITY pups will receive a fair or better hip rating, however, the dog must be pre-limed at 12 months of age and x-rayed for certification before the dog is 26 months of age. Purchaser agrees to reframe the said Rottweiler from sliding on slippery floors such as tile, riding in the back bed of trucks, doing any kind of training work which requires the Rottweiler to jump higher than his/her height, or running excessively on hard surfaces such as concrete. These examples can result in your Rottweiler having hip dysplasia if done on several occasions while still a puppy (before the age of 18 months). Purchaser is required to have the Rottweiler x-rayed at the age of twelve months or the hips will not be guaranteed. The purchaser is required to have the Rottweiler OFA x-rayed at the age of twenty four months. If the x-ray at twenty four months does not look like it will pass OFA (according to your licensed Veterinarian or Radiologist), it is not to be submitted to OFA. A second x-ray is to be done by a licensed Veterinarian of the Breeders choice, at the Purchasers expense, or the hips will not be guaranteed.  Failure to provide proof that the puppy/dog was fed premium quality food will void your health guarantee.  X-rays showing the dog to be dysplasitc must include the dogs microchip number scanned at the time of x-ray.  We reserve the right to have x-rays repeated or PENN hip performed by an orthopedic specialist at the Buyers expense.  Any bite problems must be noted by your vet before bite work is started and hips and elbows must be pre-limed before any work is started.  Breeding your puppy/dog before x-rays are performed or before the age of 24 months (see next clause) will void your guarantee.  The SHOW Guarantee ONLY covers GENETIC defects and not injuries, accidents or acts of God.  Vom Wilber’s always reserves the right to have any diagnosis reviewed by our vet at the Buyers expense.  No monetary refunds will be given under any circumstances.  Vom Wilber’s agrees to replace applicable puppy with another puppy of equal value or the Buyer may elect to purchase a puppy of greater value and use the full amount paid to Vom Wilber’s  for the original puppy (minus any delivery charges) towards the new puppy price. 

Limit of Liability

The Buyer agrees to release and hold harmless Vom Wilber’s for any and all liabilities, damages, or injuries, caused either directly or indirectly by Puppy/Dog to any person, animal, whether actual or legal, or to any property whether real or personal. Furthermore, Buyer assumes full liability for any damages or injuries, whether physical or mental, emotional or economic, caused by Puppy/Dog, to any person, whether actual or legal, or to any property whether real or personal, after receiving and acknowledging delivery and possession of the Puppy/Dog.


Registration papers will either be given with the puppy or transferred to the Buyer immediately upon receipt from the AKC if they are still being processed.  The registered name of your puppy will already be given by Vom Wilber’s Rottweilers or the kennel of origin  The Buyer is free to choose the “call name.”

►Naming of Puppy

No other kennel name can be added to this Rottweilers AKC registered name. The litter letter will determine the first initial of the first name. The litter letter of said Rottweiler is “_____“. The AKC registration allows 16 characters for the Rottweiler first name (or two) before my kennel name, Vom Wilber’s . This Rottweiler's AKC registered name will be __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Vom Wilber’s.  I understand this name is unable to be changed in the future. .  If Buyer does not keep the name chosen by VW for the registered name, the VW Puppy Contract will be considered void.

 ►Shipping Your Puppy

The Purchaser is able to receive their Rottweiler puppy at the age of 8 weeks old, not before. This Rottweiler will turn 8 weeks old on the

_____ day of ____________________ 20________. If the Rottweiler is required to be shipped via airplane, Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs including shipping crate, attaching food bowl, attaching water bottle, shipping crate bedding, complete health exam, flight health certificate, transport/fuel, and flight ticket. For international flights, other fees may apply. The flight ticket will be: Prepaid _____ or Collected _____ at pick up. Buyer sent $____________________ US Dollars towards shipping costs on _____ day of ____________________ 20________.


 ►Agreements and Guarantees for Show, Working, and/or Breeding Quality Rottweiler Puppies

All show, working, and/or breeding quality Rottweilers will be provided with a full AKC registration, puppy health record, and a copy of the Sire and Dam’s pedigree. Please note: There is an approximate 12 week processing period to transfer foreign country registrations to USA AKC registrations on all import Rottweilers.  New transferred registrations will be mailed to the purchaser at the time of completion. Once sale is final and Purchaser receives Rottweiler, Breeder automatically transfers full responsibility of Rottweiler to Purchaser. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following items: cost of living, veterinarian fees, and other related bills due to unexpected illness. Purchaser also agrees to take full responsibility for any damages that said Rottweiler incurs throughout its lifetime with the Purchaser to property or people. Purchaser has seventy-two hours from the time of receiving the Rottweiler, not health certified, to receive a full refund on unhealthy animals due to GENETIC DEFECTS ONLY.


►Breeder and Purchaser Final Agreement

 The above agreement is made on _____ day of ____________________ 20____________ by Vom Wilber’s Rottweilers managing officer Wilber Chavez, and the Purchaser, ____________________________ and ______________________________. We the undersigned have read the contract consisting of _________ pages and so understand and agree to its terms and conditions. The written terms of this contract constitute the entire agreement between the Breeder and Purchaser. No verbal statements, promises, or any kind of written documents shall have weight of effect upon this contract. Should it be necessary to enforce any part of this contract by legal means, any and all attorney fees, court costs, and travel expenses will be the responsibility of the Purchaser. This contract shall be deemed a legally binding contract and is under jurisdiction of only the State New Mexico, County of Valencia. It is further agreed that the place of venue shall be Valencia County, Belen New Mexico. This contract applies only to the original Purchaser and in non-transferable to a second party.


Buyers_______________________________________________________, _________________________________________________________________________ date ______________________ 

Seller _______________________________________________________________________ Date__________________